President Şahin, Gaziray-Metro Project told

Speaker Sahin Gaziray Tells Metro Project
Speaker Sahin Gaziray Tells Metro Project

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin talked to a private TV channel on live broadcast of the Gaziray-Metro project. President Sahin, Gaziray-Metro project, the work started in 2017 recalling, in a very short time of the completion of the 77 of studies reported.

   Mayor Şahin stated that the land trains, which are the subject of the songs, turned into high-speed train today. We have made significant investments with the understanding of 'Development starts from the local'. The most important of these is the Gaziray-Metro project. A safe, comfortable, cheap 25 station with 16 kilometers, GAZİRAY-Metro construction works are progressing rapidly. 2017 of 77 has been completed. Approximately 1,5 year was an important path in studies. Working in Gaziray Organized Industrial Zone, 150 will carry more than a thousand employees faster and cheaper.


The transportation density in the city center will be reduced. We are implementing GAZİRAY-METRO project in cooperation between TCDD and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the project aiming to create sufficient traffic capacity for high-speed train, conventional train and suburban operation, signaled and electric new railway will be constructed between Başpınar-GATEM-Oduncular Site. In the project, a new railway will be built in 2 kilometers, including 2 commuter line and 112 high-speed train line. Gaziantep station will be integrated with city transportation and transformed into a transfer center. Thus, the travel time between Başpınar and GATEM-Oduncular Sitesi will be reduced to 30 minutes. Gaziantep will have faster and cheaper transportation with this investment. Within the scope of the project, approximately 4 kilometers of the 5 parallel line will be opened and closed in order to eliminate the barrier effect of pedestrian and vehicle transportation in the Cultural Congress Center-Zeytinli District, Mujahideen Budak Neighborhood, Hospitals-Hotels Zone.


On this occasion; The barrier effect will be eliminated and the 200 acres will be brought into the city with the green areas that will be created as a result of providing the transitions without art structures. This means that we will transform our city into paradise. We will carry our citizens without image pollution and air pollution. GAZİRAY is the main vessel in the Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan. After the national education in our city, the budget is seriously allocated. In the cities race, we get very serious support from the government. Unimaginable in the old Turkey was true today, this is a new Turkey, "he said.


President Şahin, the Gypsy Girl's Mosaic 12 missing piece of the state of Ohio State University of Bowling Green State University, in order to bring the land of the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said that they will introduce the world tomorrow.

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