If the road is going to be done under the subway

If the road to the top of the subway should be built
If the road to the top of the subway should be built

The new connection paths in the capital will not ease the traffic Metropolitan Municipality Council CHP Group Deputy Chairman Dogan Yilmazkaya, ş In Ankara, we have to have a wide network of rail system to give people the car.

If the road is made to the next or under the rail system should be done, '' he said. Pointing out the traffic problem in the morning and evening hours in Ankara, Yilmazkaya said:


Da Ankara's transportation has collapsed. The city is scheduled according to vehicles. There is no one kilometer bike path, pedestrians are not given priority. The rail system network is insufficient. There will be difficulties to reach new hospitals. Currently, the main arteries do not remove the traffic load in the morning and evening hours. This will increase. Newly made connection paths are forcing. It is tried to make bridges between the skyscrapers to the points where the population has reached a certain point. It's not planned. With the opening of hospitals, Ankara traffic will be paralyzed.


Traffic images in Istanbul are now taking place in Ankara. The province most vehicle here in Turkey. Rail system projects should be developed along with new roads. If there is a road on it, the rail system should be built next to or below it. When the city hospitals, Ankapark and giant constructions are completed, going from one place to another in Ankara will be transformed. Roads, bridges and expanding do not solve the problem. Today, even in front of the Metropolitan Municipality in the morning and evening traffic clogged.

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