The Bridge Used by 20 Neighborhoods in Balıkesir Has Been Renewed

Honeymooner 20 has renewed the track used by the neighborhood
Honeymooner 20 has renewed the track used by the neighborhood

Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Zekai Kafaoğlu continues to examine the works carried out as Metropolitan Municipality. President Kafaoğlu gave information about the renewed bridge used by 20 rural neighborhood in Ivrindi district.

2018 year of road and asphalt reminded that they declared the year Kafaoğlu transportation road to remove barriers, they said. President Kafa'nın from the town of Ivrindi Kınık many accidents on the old bridge, 20 that the rural neighborhood by using this road stressed that, completed the bridge as a municipality said.


Kafaoğlu “For everyone who uses this path, get better. Accidents will be reduced to the construction of the bridge. We have increased and expanded the standard of the road. We continue to make paths. We will continue to work until the end of our mission. We have the love of Balıkesir, the best of which makes AK Party municipalities. He said, "May Allah have unnamed journeys without accidents."


İvrindi Mayor Recai Baytar said: “The drivers who used the old bridge were in a lot of trouble, they were crashing. Citizens using this road always complained about this bridge. We would like to thank our Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu. The road is over, the bridge is renewed. Now, our citizens are more comfortable traveling, Artık he said.

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