Description of Yedikuyular Ski Center from Büyükşehir

Great food from the ski resort
Great food from the ski resort

In the last days related to the news of the Yedikuyukar Ski Center Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality made public information about the news.

Written Statement About Yedikuyukar Ski Center From Metropolitan Municipality: “Regarding the news and comments in the media or social media of Yedikuyular Ski Center recently;

The construction work of the ski center by the Metropolitan Municipality has been carried out under the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 and includes the works related to the construction. There is no provision related to any business under this tender.

The Yedikuyular Ski Center, which was opened during the 2017-2018 season, was run by our Metropolitan Municipality in the first season. During the said period, service was carried out by personnel who work in different units of our Municipality but who do not have sufficient professional formation to carry out this activity. However, due to the problems experienced during service delivery and the complaints received from the citizens receiving service from the facility, the idea of ​​conducting its operation by a more professional team in order to provide better service in our Ski Center has been realized. It was also observed that the inspections carried out by the administration in other Ski Centers were not directly operated by the public, but were carried out by professional teams / companies. In terms of occupational health and safety, it is aimed that the company is carried out by a professional team and no negativity is experienced.

For these reasons, it was decided to rent the business for the professional operation of the Ski Center. Specification studies have been started as of August.

The work of Yedikuyular Ski Resort and Recreation Area is a rental tender and is subject to State Tender Law No. 2886. Our municipality decided to operate these facilities on 06 November 2018 and 2018 annually by the Council Decision 708 / 2. In this context, the estimated annual rent amount is determined as 800.000 TL + VAT. Since the determined price is 2 annually, it is obligatory that the first announcement shall be made at least 1.6000.000 days before the tender and the second announcement shall be made at least 10 days prior to the tender. The tender was made on the date of 5 and the first announcement via the Media Advertising Agency was announced in the national (Middle East) and local (Kahramanmaraş Today) history on 27.11.2018, and the second announcement was announced in local (Kahramanmaraş Today) newspapers on 15.11.2018. In addition, although it is not a legal requirement, the announcement was published on our Municipality website before the tender to reach more requests. The aforementioned tender is subject to the 19.11.2018. and an open tender procedure. It is a transparent tender open to all who meet the conditions of the tender. In addition to the Tender 2886.-TL + VAT rental price, the share of 45 from the annual profit has been paid to our Municipality. The process for signing the contract continues.

As a result of the tender made last year by our municipality, our Municipality has provided more resources to our Municipality through the annual rent of 900.000.-TL and% 20 profit.

Therefore, it is seen that news and comments in the media and social media are biased or deprived of information and that the tender is carried out in accordance with the legislation.

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