Access to Dilovasi from Eynerce Junction

From the eynerce to the Dilovasina
From the eynerce to the Dilovasina

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is building connection roads at Dilovası, as well as connecting roads at Eynerce Junction in the east. Dilovası Eynerce Interchange -Yavuz Within the scope of Sultan Selim Avenue Connection Road Project, the Eynerce Junction is organized in the branches of Dilovası, which ensures the participation and separation of the district in the D-100 path. Connection road to Yavuz Sultan Selim Street will be opened to the side traffic to ensure continuity of district traffic.

Located on the D-100 highway, Eynerce Junction takes an important place in the city center of Dilovası. Dilovası D-100 highway side road (Yavuz Sultan Selim Street) is available in two directions. Since the level difference between D-100 and side road cannot be achieved due to road continuity, it is possible to get indirectly from D-100 highway to the center of Dilovası district in other ways. With the new project, this problem will be eliminated and access to the district will be easier.

Within the scope of the aforementioned project, the roundabout and connection road which will be built in the current Eynerce Junction will provide significant facilities. Access to the center of the town of Izmit with a direct access to the center of Dilovası will be provided through the road. Within the scope of the project, the 252 meter of Eynerce Creek will be rebuilt. Bin 250 meters long road and infrastructure will be organized.



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