Eurasia Tunnel Still Failed to Guarantee Vehicle Guarantee

Eurasian tunel still failed to meet vehicle warranty target
Eurasian tunel still failed to meet vehicle warranty target

2 from Eurasia Tunnel passed 31,5 million vehicles annually. This year, the number of annual vehicle guarantees can not be reached. The public will pay the difference.

20 December 2016'da opened in Istanbul, the Eurasia Tunnel to date, more than one million vehicles passed 31,5 announced. An annual 25,6 million vehicle warranty was granted for the Eurasia Tunnel. In the first year, the 15,6 million vehicles were migrated, and the 10 million TL was created by the public. According to the figures without December, this year will be faced at a similar cost. According to official data, an average of 123 thousand vehicles pass through the tunnel per day. You have to pass the 50 thousand 68 vehicles per day to keep your annual vehicle warranty target.

According to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure data, the total number of vehicles passing through the tunnel has been 31,5 million. 47 421 in February, 46 203 in March, 50 808 in April, 52 375 in May, 48 in 51 in June, 47 in 659 in June, 45 in 802 in June, 38 in 621 in June, 50 in 823 in June, 50 in 100 in July, 49 in 872 XNUMX, XNUMX bin XNUMX in October and XNUMX bin XNUMX vehicle in November.

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