Eskişehir is a trouble-free city with its car parks

buyukersen found new urgent garpark parking lot
buyukersen found new urgent garpark parking lot

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen made investigations in the Garpark Parking Lot with a capacity of approximately 300 vehicles, which was put into service in Hoşnudiye District a short time ago. One-storey car parks in Büyükerşen, Eskişehir, one after another kazanReminding that they are working on it, “We put into service 3 new parking lots in a short time. We will build 3 more parking lots very soon,” he said.

In parallel with the rapidly increasing number of vehicles in the city, the Metropolitan Municipality, which offers one of the modern and environmentally friendly car parks, continues its work for new parking lots. In the last month of service in the Garpark parked in the study. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen emphasized that they continue to build car parks all over the city. Noting that only the parking lots opened this year have a capacity of about 1500, Büyükerşen said that they will continue to do the parking at the same speed. Büyükerşen m In the Kurtuluş Neighborhood, next to the Courthouse, 367 and the 241 parking lot in the Hoşnudiye neighborhood, and the Garpark Car Park for the 261 vehicle, which is within walking distance of the Train Station, started to serve. Good luck to our city. We have also started new parking projects in Bağlar. In this area we planned larger car parks in the new area of ​​2. We will soon begin construction of them. Eskişehir is becoming a smooth city with its car parks Esk.

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