The Stunning Claim on the YHT Accident: UM 2 Separate Accident Hazard was Overlooked Y

Dangerous accident with 2
Dangerous accident with 2

The cause of the head-on collision with the guide locomotive is still being investigated at the Marşandiz Station of Yenimahalle of the high-speed train, which makes the Ankara-Konya flight. The most serious claim was that the accident even caused the absence of a signaling system. As controversy continued, a new claim was raised. According to a YHT mechanic who spoke to HABERTÜRK but did not want his name to be disclosed, two separate accident hazards were overcome on the same line on 22 November and 2 December 2018.

According to the news of Esra Nehir from Habertürk, 'The high-speed train was directed to the wrong scissors on November 22 and December 2…'

The owner of the claim does not want to explain the name of the YHT mechanic continued:

“There is no signaling on the accident line. The machiners at the station are directing the line to the machinists. Prior to this accident, on November 22 and December 2, 2018, trains were removed from the reverse truss on the east side of that railway line. As a result of the misleading on December 2, the scissors became damaged and became unusable. On December 9, in an official letter, we were asked to "not use the east side of the line". So we were doing all the maneuvers from the west of the line. ”


According to the claim of the high-speed train mechanic, in the cruise permit document normally given to the mechanics, the number of the line to be used in the lines without signaling is written. However, since the rails were damaged in the misleading on December 2, the line number was not written on the cruise permit documents, and it was switched to 'personnel' mode.

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