Traffic Standby Time in Balıkesir Will Decrease 30 Percentage

30 will decrease in traffic time
30 will decrease in traffic time

Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Zekai Kafaoğlu visited the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems and received detailed information at the control center about smart and dynamic intersection works. President Kafaoğlu examined the flow of traffic in regions where traffic is high.

Kafaoğlu said that the new system will be introduced to the public in Balıkesir in the coming days with the launch of the smart and dynamic intersections of the Metropolitan Municipality.

President Kafaoğlu says: kontrol All junctions are controlled in digital environment. The 20 of the 10 junction is automatically in the dynamic junction position and the other 10 can be controlled manually. Work is completed, our staff is going to training. We will implement the system before the new year. Red lights will no longer reduce the standby times by% 30. We aim to increase the waiting time to% 50s by making geometric arrangements in geometric intersections. In the control center, the light intersections are monitored instantaneously and intervened when necessary. Dense spots are opened to traffic, circulation is going on. We will introduce this system and introduce it to the people of Balıkesir. For Balıkesir, we are working for the happiness and peace of our citizens by using all the electronic facilities and the facilities of Balıkesir for Balıkesir to be a smart city. Her

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