Mak-in Makine, one of the important companies of the railway sector, announced bankruptcy

26 yearly iron-steel company machine has opened bankruptcy
26 yearly iron-steel company machine has opened bankruptcy

The outcome of Mak-in Makine's bankruptcy lawsuit in Kocaeli was announced.

Following the Poyraz Gıda ve Ceylan Dil Et Mamulleri company, this time, the bankruptcy of Mak-in Machine Rail Shears Manufacturing Company has been declared.

The bankruptcy case of Mak-İn Makine railway shears manufacturing company was realized in November in Gebze Commercial Court of First Instance.

Today, Gebze 4. The Office of the Executive Office announced the bankruptcy of the firm.

Established at 1992
Founded in 1992, the company has been active in the manufacture of steel construction, manufacturing and installation of all kinds of Railway steel bridges.

2000 has intensified its work on the railway shears and has continued to provide services to many companies with a railway network by producing Scissors. In addition, all kinds of rail sales, wooden sleepers and iron sleepers sales and railway superstructure used in the production and sales of many different rail connection material was doing.

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