2.7 Million Meter Land in Arnavutköy for ıl Mega Projects Proj was opened

2 7 million square meters land development in arnavutkoy for mega projects 2
2 7 million square meters land development in arnavutkoy for mega projects 2

By the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, 3. Airport, Kanal Istanbul and 3. At the intersection of the bridge, the land of 2.7 million square meters in Arnavutköy was opened. The land designated as ı agricultural area ”and” water conservation basin Çevre in the Environmental Plan; housing, shopping malls, residences and hotels will be built. In the field of agriculture opened in the reconstruction now envision the population of 18 thousand people.

With the decisions of the Council of Ministers taken in 2012 and 2014, 11 thousand 34 hectares of reserve building areas were determined in 700 districts to create healthy and safe new living spaces to eliminate the risk of disasters in Istanbul. For the 2 million 796 thousand 584 square meter area in Arnavutköy Dursunköy, which is located within the boundaries of the new building areas determined on the European Side of Istanbul, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has changed the 1/100 thousand Environmental Plan and the new zoning plans. It was prepared.


SPOKESMANAccording to the report of Özlem Güvemli from the report, it was noted that the plan change, in which the 3rd Airport, Channel Istanbul, 3rd Bridge, North Marmara Motorway and high-speed train projects made the Environmental Plan insufficient, became compulsory. It was pointed out that the project area is located at the intersection of the 3rd Airport, 3rd Bridge and Canal Istanbul projects and it was stated that there should be integrity between the "new and mega projects" and the settlement area. For this reason, in the Environmental Plan, the zoning of the parcels that remained within the boundaries of the "agricultural area" and "drinking and potable water medium-range protection area" was changed and declared as "urban development area".


Although the reserve building areas have been determined to transform residences at risk of earthquake risk, it was written in the plan report that it is planned to serve the third airport of the settlement areas to be built in this area. The area is also on the banks of the Canal Istanbul route. 3 percent of the planning area, which is a 3rd degree earthquake zone, consists of unused private land, 90.79 percent forest, 8.59 percent built-up areas.


There are two forest areas, private and state, on an area of ​​2 million 796 thousand 584 square meters. Forests make up 240 thousand square meters of the area. In the new plan, it was noted that forest areas will be protected under Law No. 6831. It has been stated that Çiftlik, Ortakcılar, Künk and Baklalı streams passing through the area will be protected in line with the opinions received from İSKİ and DSİ.


According to the information in the report, the new population to come to the planning area was determined as 18 thousand 206 people. 763 thousand 983 square meters of the area became “Development Housing Area”. Commercial buildings can be constructed on the ground and basements of the residences to be built here, provided that they do not exceed 10 percent of the equivalent area with independent blocks. The section of 552 thousand 926 square meters has been determined as the “commercial and residential area”. In this area, residences, shopping malls, residences, hotels can be built.

For the square meter of 37 bin 478, the special arrangement of ild trade, tourism, housing X was given. AVM, entertainment center, hotels and motels will be built in this section.


In all residential areas, the benchmark 0.75, height floor + 4 floor was determined. There will be schools, hospitals, mosques, social cultural facilities, sports facilities, green areas, parks and recreation areas in the newly planned settlement area.

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