16 1623 has lost its life

16 per year in 1623 railway accidents lost life
16 per year in 1623 railway accidents lost life

With the disaster that 9 people lost their lives in Ankara yesterday, the number of citizens who lost their lives in the "railway accidents" in AKP government rose to 1623.

In 2018, there were two major train accident disasters in which 24 citizens in Çorlu and 9 in Ankara died, and the common point of both events was the major negligence.

While CHP Party Assembly Member and Ankara Deputy Tekin Bingöl announced the balance sheet of train accidents in AKP government, “2002 people have died in railway accidents and 1590 people have been injured since the AKP came to power in 2959. When the disasters in Çorlu and Ankara are added to this number, the number of people who lost their lives reaches 1623 and the number of injured to 3363. ”

So the experienced death amounts due to train accidents in Turkey at 2,08, while the EU average Bingol, indicating that 0,3 percent, "about 7 times compared to European countries, in Turkey, and when we look at the world average of about three to 3 times more fatalities occur he is coming. ”


While Bingöl also announced the balance sheet of the “accidents” experienced in the 16-year AKP rule, he stated that more than 16 thousand people fell victim to “accidents” in 95 years with the train disaster in Ankara. Bingöl said, “The main reasons such as negligence, non-compliance with the law, and rapidly increasing rent economy increase the business murders and accidents; The lack of punishment of those responsible and the lack of deterrent causes the new accidents and murders that will occur. More than 16 thousand people have lost their lives in the last 95 years only in work, road and rail accidents. ” (News Left)

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