Zonguldak Teleferik Not Available Place

zonguldak is not a place for ski lifts
zonguldak is not a place for ski lifts

Zonguldak Mayor Muharrem Akdemir made explanations about the rationale, cable car project and buses to buses that were completed from Halkinsesi to Emre Can BAYRAM.

Zonguldak Mayor Muharrem Akdemir, the construction of the smart junction that the traffic is relieved by saying, due to the geographical location of the cable car project Zonguldak underlined that it is not possible to do. President Akdemir, responded to the bus time '' did not raise much, '' he replied.

'' Traffic is relieved by the construction of smart junction ''

Zonguldak Mayor Muharrem Akdemir, with the construction of the smart junction, the traffic is relieved by saying, '' the work of jealous junction seems to be finished in a small flowering work. Our lighting work will continue. We finished our pavement. It was a bit distressed, but it came on Saturday. No, it's gonna be a little trouble doing these things. Zonguldak is a difficult place as a geolocation. We apologize for the inconvenience of our people. In this sense, I would like to thank TTK for their efforts. I would like to thank our General Manager Kazım Eroğlu. They gave us a place to make the rate. We can see how much the traffic problem is uncomfortable. The traffic relief was of great benefit. Let Zonguldak be a good thing. We have a lot of work to do. In time, we will try to do whatever we can, 'he said.

'' Zonguldak is not a place for cable cars ''

Akdemir stated that it is not possible to build a ropeway to Zonguldak, mümkün Zonguldak is not a suitable place for the cable car. We're not in the geographic position to put the ropeway down. Especially in stormy and windy conditions, ropeways remain in a difficult situation. And it's a situation we don't have. And the situation at the departure point of the ropeway is very important. Where do we move our people? We also need to consider tourism. This was researched. It was learned that he was not very productive and would not be. In this sense, we took a step back as a technical issue.

'We didn't raise much for municipal buses “

Akdemir, who also referred to the Municipality Public Buses' hike, said:

Ik We didn't raise a lot on the raise. Moreover, diesel and parts prices All kinds of prices related to the components of the bus were increased. Technical owner told us about the troubles of their troubles. That's how he decided in our assembly. This is very natural, I think. Not too expensive. Of course we are a retired city. Our retired city is expensive because we are, but our seventy percent use the tools free of charge. 65 over age. Our city is such a city. Also disabled people, veterans, police officers, gendarmes and municipal employees ride free. We have done this way ler

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