Domestic and National Hybrid Locomotive to Save Millions of Euros

domestic and national hybrid locomotive will save millions of euros
domestic and national hybrid locomotive will save millions of euros

Veysi Kurt, General Director of TCDD Transport, answered questions about the new generation hybrid maneuver locomotive that won the Design Turkey Industrial Design Award.

TCDD Transportation General Directorate of next-generation hybrid shunting locomotive, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) and Kurt emphasis produced by ASELSAN cooperation, TCDD 2013 6461 No. that Law liberalization and deregulation law of 2016 came into force that the law in question should TCDD expressed that it is divided into two as infrastructure and train management.

Stating that TCDD is responsible for the infrastructure and that Taşımacılık A.Ş. was established in charge of train management, Kurt is the only public company operating on the Turkish railway network and all high-speed trains on the Turkish railway network. said it operates freight and passenger trains.

“After 2000s railways became state policy”

Explaining that the private sector has started to operate on the railway network with the aforementioned law, General Manager Kurt said, “Our government and President started to give a different importance to the railways after 2000s. After 2000s railways have now become a state policy. As in other sectors, the development of domestic and national technologies in the railway sector was very important. ” used expressions.

He emphasized that the first national and domestic hybrid maneuver locomotive was started to be produced with the support of the political will.

“We have developed a project with the power we get from here, with the cooperation of the public and private sectors. With the cooperation of TCDD Tasimacilik, ASELSAN and TULOMSAS, we started the hybrid maneuvering locomotive work. This proposal came out of us as TCDD Tasimacilik, but it was developed together. We ordered 2017 pieces in 10. After that, we started working on it and as a result of these studies, we became the fourth country to produce hybrid maneuver locomotives after France, China and Japan. ”

“The rate of residence is around 60 percent”

The maneuver locomotive is a locomotive used in the maneuver to prepare the trains at the cargo terminals and all the locomotives currently used are powered by diesel; Reminding that the new hybrid maneuver locomotive can operate with two different types of energy, diesel and electricity, Kurt said, “These locomotives provide nearly 40 percent fuel economy, the first locomotive was almost completed and exhibited at the InnoTrans Fair held in Germany in September 2018. " he spoke.

Pointing out that the new locomotive is also an environmentally friendly product, Kurt stated that the rate of first place in this product is around 60 percent, and it can be increased up to 80 percent in the later stages.

“There is also a target to be sold abroad”

Kurt stated that they will produce 10 units at the first stage and plan to put the first one into operation in 2019.

“I hope our other orders will come into effect later. Of course, maybe one of the issues we have to say here is how the price of this work is. When we look at the world peers, there is currently a price of 2,5 million euros. So if we buy this from abroad, the turnkey cost is around 2,5 million euros. We plan to cost it around 1,5m euros. ”

Wolf also the national hybrid shunting locomotive for 7 cities in nearly 20 firms that the parts supplied and the project's contribution to employment allows specifying these locomotives that initially produced for Turkey, but added that the aim of future abroad to be sold.

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