Bypass to Yenişehir Ring Road

bypass to yenisehir cevre
bypass to yenisehir cevre

While the Yenişehir ring road built by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was completed, the two-way bridge on the Kocasu stream, which is the road clogging point, also breathed into the district traffic.

In Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which announced the 2018 as the ler road year kent and which accelerated its transportation investments in the city center as well as in the 17 district, began to collect the fruits of its labor. Within the scope of these works, the Yenişehir Ring Road, which is the most important area for displacement of heavy tonnage vehicles coming into the industrial zone, which is vital for displacement, is completed. A two-way bridge over Kocasu creek was provided in front of the Şişe Cam Fabrikası, which caused traffic obstruction. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, accompanied by the Mayor of Yenisehir Suleyman Steel and AK Party District President Adnan Kamıl with a large extent of the work has been provided in a healthy way to provide a healthy way to examine the Yenişehir highway.

It was almost Bypass

Even the works to be carried out in the most remote rural neighborhood of Yenişehir reminding that they consulted with the mayor of the district and the head of the district district president, Aktaş said that they were happy to solve a more vital problem for Yenişehir. Expressing that the roads are an important issue for every city and every living city, President Aktaş said, için There is an important function of the ring roads for the displacement of all vehicles from heavy industrial vehicles to the city. The road is civilization. Yenişehir ring road also has a length of 5 thousand 300 meters. It is an intensive way of heavy tonnage vehicles and factories. The cost of the road from Şişe Cam to Bursa Street is approximately 3,5 million TL. The construction of the Kocasu bridge and connection roads, which caused the road blockage, started in March. In patients with heart disease, the stent is stuck and the bypass is performed. The total cost of the bridge is 1 million 534 thousand TL. At present, Çayırlı Mahallesi continues to work on the road. We did serious work in Yenişehir. To date, we have finished the 22 mileage asphalt and 14,5 mileage. Almost all of the infrastructure works have been finalized, Yarım he said.

Yenişehir Mayor Suleyman Celik also thanked President Aktas for completing the ring road and bridge which are indispensable for industrialists and farmers in Yenisehir.

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