New Road Management

New Yolder Yonetimi Road Map
New Yolder Yonetimi Road Map

📩 08/11/2018 10:34

The new Board of Directors made up of 4 people held its first meeting with the approval of the General Assembly of YOLDER 9. At the Board of Directors meeting held on Saturday at 3 November 2018 in YOLDER Headquarters, the activities to be carried out and the road map to be followed were discussed.

Road maintenance staff, road maintenance, general problems of road maintenance managers and road maintenance supervisor success in the case of successful and unassigned personnel solutions to the situation as the priority of the work to determine the issues, to support the members of the legal issues and general work-related problems in order to continue to work quickly to resolve problems She received.


With the approval of the amendment of the regulation, the works for the modification of the logo of YOLDER, which will continue its activities under the name of Railway Maintenance Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Association, have been completed. Visual arrangements that will represent the entire Maintenance Department in the corporate face of YOLDER, which embraces all the maintenance personnel, were made.

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