President Çelik "We Will Continue On The Asphalt Until The Snow Falls"


Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik participated in the asphalting works of the 6,5 kilometer road in İncesu. President Steel, the city center and districts continue to work without slowing, said that the pace will continue until the snow falls.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik followed the asphalting works in İncesu. President Steel, who worked with Incesu Mayor Zekeriya Karayol, said that they are working to serve not the individuals but the whole society.

Stressing that the works will continue unabated until the snow falls, President Mustafa Çelik said, e At the moment, one of our team is in Hacilar-Gelbula area of ​​Kayseri OSB, another team is on 15 July Boulevard and one of our team is considered to be the ring road of İncesu. connecting 4 is doing asphalt work on the road. As long as weather conditions allow, we will continue to pour asphalt in the center and districts until the snow falls. We use 6,5 thousand tons of asphalt here. From time to time 7 year, we've encountered those who say how you fit this job. 3,5 will do such gigantic tasks in the year if you are at the beginning of your work and if you follow projects for community service, not for the work of the individuals. You can find the traces of the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in the 3,5 of Elhamdülillah 16 district. Our problem is not to satisfy the topyekun Kayseri people, "he said.

Incesu Mayor Zekeriya Karayol also stated that the paved road is a way connecting the 3 bin 200 TOKI residence and vocational school. 6,5 24 mile long road and 7 meter-wide spending they stated that they spend a million TL, N 7 and 10 thousand tons of asphalt is used here. I would like to thank my president on behalf of the people of Incesu. Başkan

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