Governor Ekinci Investigated at Hesarek Ski Resort


📩 27/11/2018 10:35

Bingöl Governor Kadir Ekinci, Hesarek Ski Resort, which is one of the important centers of winter tourism found investigations.

Governor Ekinci, who visited the security personnel at the Yolçatı security point before arriving at the ski facilities, met with the staff for a while sohbet He received information about his work.

Then the Governor Ekinci passed Hesarek Ski Facilities, Youth and Sports Services Provincial Director VM Kadir Bozaba was briefed about the facility.

During the examinations of the Governor Ekinci, who had made observations in different units of the facility, the General Administration of Special Provincial Administration was accompanied by Mehmet Işık.

After the program, the Governor Ekinci, who was closely interested in the children he met in Yolçatı Village, gave various gifts to the children.

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