Awareness Activity from University Students

universary female students
universary female students

In the framework of the ell Accessibility Project enc realized by the initiatives of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled People, girls who were studying at Gaziantep University created awareness by taking the students of GAP Visually Disabled Secondary School on bicycles.

The students staying at the Ümmü Gülsüm Girls' Dormitory in Gaziantep University carried the students with visually impaired students through the university with the double bicycles provided by the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled People.

Before the event, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Disabled Persons, Yusuf Çelebi, stated that Gaziantep has achieved a culture of handicap-free co-existence. Stating that disability is a universal problem, Çelebi said, ebi All societies are responsible and problematic in this regard. Today, we see that our female students support our visually impaired students with bicycles. They argue that there must be equal in the equal race. Today we came together again in an equal race and we wanted to create an awareness. Bugün

Çelebi emphasized that people can live together and live together if they want, ebi Today we came to the dormitory where there are around 1000 students. We organized a bicycle trip with our girls from Gaziantep University. We hope this trip will be an example for all of Turkey, "he said.

The event was attended by Ahmet Kölemen, the Gaziantep Provincial Director of the Credit and Dormitories Institution. the students ended their cycling with the visually impaired students.

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