Transportation between Tuzla and Cayirova

It will be easier to reach Tuzla
It will be easier to reach Tuzla

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is implementing various projects for easy access to every point of the city. While new roads accelerate the flow of traffic, these roads are also used as alternative transportation routes. For this purpose, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its transportation projects without interruption. The project realized in Çayırova will provide easy connection with the neighboring province of Istanbul. The connection between the two regions between Tuzla-Şifa and Çayırova is now possible.

In the ongoing project, bridge feet are being made. While three concrete bridges are used for foundation works, others are excavated and ironed. The transportation problem between Şifa Neighborhood and Çayırova, which has no direct connection to the Şekerpınar connection road, E-80, will be eliminated with connection roads. As of today, the residents of Şifa Neighborhood, which can reach Şekerpınar connection via Çiftlik Street, will provide easy access to Çayırova after the completion of the project.

The project will be connected to the E-80 to provide both east-west and north-south traffic flow. The bridge and connecting roads to be built in the southern part of the truck park in the neighborhood will connect the two regions. Within the scope of the project, 1 91 and a half meter 7 meter wide and 90 meter wide 11 meter wide bridge are being manufactured.

Within the scope of the project, 2 bin 500 meter road will be manufactured. In the study 4 thousand 615 cubic meters concrete, 675 tons of iron, thousand 429 meters stormwater sewer line, 597 meters will be made of drinking water line. 852 meter piles will be manufactured for bridges. 5 bin 600 square meters parquet flooring, 10 bin 150 meter curb to be laid. 11 bin 725 tone asphalt material to be used on the roads.

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