Turkey's first and only supersonic test Rail Line Opens!

the first and only supersonic rail line was tested emergency turkiyenin
the first and only supersonic rail line was tested emergency turkiyenin

The TÜBİTAK SAGE Supersonic Rail Test Line and the Test Campus where the line is located was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Completed as a turnkey project by Yapı Merkezi, the project was carried out with completely local facilities. TUBITAK SAGE Supersonic Rail Test Line, with a length of one thousand meters, has been opened as the longest and the highest capacity line in Europe.

The TÜBİTAK SAGE Rail Test Line and the Test Campus where the line is located were opened in a ceremony by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In addition to the ceremony, Chairman of Yapı Merkezi Holding Board of Directors. Ersin Arıoğlu, Yapıray General Manager Volkan Okur Yılmaz, Yapı Merkezi İDİS General Manager Tamer Taşkın and TÜBİTAK Senior Management were also present. TÜBİTAK SAGE Rail System Test Line and the Test Campus where the line is located; drill drilling activity, aerodynamic tests at supersonic speeds, ejection test tests in combat jets, rocket engine tests, high acceleration tests on various components, and various environmental tests are planned.

With the realization of the project, it will be possible to carry out the tests carried out by the sub-structures of other countries and with the costs of each one million dollars without having to be dependent on the outside, with much lower costs and completely local facilities.


The rail test line will allow systems with very high amounts of explosive materials and sensitive mechanical and electronic components to be increased to supersonic (above-sound) (> 1200 km / h) speeds with the help of rocket motors on a rail test line, allowing the testing of their behavior in the dynamic environment.


All of the equipment needed by the Test Campus and the testing infrastructure and all the auxiliary buildings needed to perform the tests were designed by YAPI MERKEZİ and TÜBİTAK SAGE. Within the Test Campus, which was completed by Turn-Key Construction as a turn-key project; control building,

1.280 units service building and 9 meter long rail test line with 2000 m² construction area consisting of customer acceptance building, energetic warehouse and energetic material integration workshops.

The Rail Test Line, which is designed and built to allow the necessary tests to be taken and the collection of the relevant data by removing the various test items to the desired speed, allows the test subject 1000 kg mass to be tested at 2000 km / h.


Rail fasteners, which have the capacity to transfer the large dynamic loads on the rails safely to the infrastructure during the tests, have been designed and patented for this project by YAPI MERKEZİ.
In the project where high level security and technological infrastructure is included, FIRESOFT, control and monitoring software developed for Rocket Engine Ignition System, provides double ignition with key. The Rocket Engine Ignition System, which was realized by 100 Turkish Engineers within the structure center, provides the heat required to initiate the chemical reaction with the current through the resistor.

With the Doppler Radar, a continuous speed measurement can be carried out on the test line, which can be reached at speeds of up to 2000 km / h. The design of the speed measurement system has been planned and put into practice, foreseeing the possible extension of the line or the need for higher speeds. The test is to be used to connect digital data between Speed ​​Measurement, Ignition, Closed Circuit Camera and Data systems.

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