TÜDEMSAŞ means the completion of the merger of TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ

unification project means finishing tudemsasi
unification project means finishing tudemsasi

📩 13/11/2018 16:43

UDEM HAK-SEN President Abdullah Peker made a written press statement about the merger of TCDD's subsidiaries under one roof.

Chairman Peker said in a statement, TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Manager Mehmet by visiting Başoğlu of the Authority in Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) and Turkey Locomotive Industry Corporation (TULOMSAS) Single roof of the General Directorate We presented Udem-Hak Sen's Opinion on the merging under.

Udem-Hak Sen (Transport and Railroad Workers Union) As the headquarters of the Unification project pilot and Administrative General Directorate of TÜDEMSAŞ will support this project. Otherwise we are against this project.

The decrease in the budget allocated to TCDD for 2019 investments will be reflected in the efficiency and effectiveness of Public Economic Institutions.

TCDD's liberalization efforts will extend the planned period until 2020 and postpone it to the target of 2023, and direct the wagons to be brought from Europe, especially Europe, to the development of Wagon Factories.

Combining three institutions (TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ) under one roof may cause problems such as restriction of investments and slowing down of jobs during the annual programming of the Presidency of 2019.

For years, there has been a necessity for examinations to be carried out in the companies affiliated with the State Economic Enterprises and change of title.

We conveyed the concerns of our union to the General Manager that the Merger Project would mean the Completion of TÜDEMSAŞ completely. I declare to all of our employees that we will start working in Ankara next week for the extension of the 2020 meeting date under this single roof.

Currently, TÜDEMSAŞ is flowing 10 million TL in local and national markets. Our view will not be even 10% of this amount when the merge project is realized. We think this will be the biggest evil against Sivas.

Abdullah PEKER
President of Transport and Railroad Workers Union

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