The Language of the Roads in the Capital Led Traffic Information Displays

traffic information screens in the capital
traffic information screens in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with the LED screens placed on all sides of the capital, adds color to the capital's modern and aesthetic appearance and conveys instant information about the drivers and works.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which reaches out to citizens with the LED Traffic Information Screen, is located on the streets and boulevards of the capital, 60, shares all kinds of information on these screens for a safe, comfortable and peaceful city.


The Traffic Information Screens, which the Metropolitan Municipality places on the roads of the capital, draw attention with the features that the Ankara drivers can get all kinds of information about the roads without any problems.

Information about the arrival time on the way to the region, important day celebrations and road conditions information (icing, road works and similar warnings) LED screens transmitting information, a single center located in the Metropolitan City Hall is controlled.

Apart from the LED screens that serve as the language of the roads for the drivers with capital, 30 also provides information about districts and Metropolitan Municipality services through giant screens set up in separate points.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which controls the capital roads with 354 separate cameras throughout the day, immediately detects all developments, densities and negativities on the roads.

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