Trabzon Deputy Kaya Asks Trabzon's Projects!

trabzon deputy rock trabzon asked the projects
trabzon deputy rock trabzon asked the projects

📩 29/03/2023 08:07

Republican People's Party (CHP) Trabzon deputy Ahmet Kaya, Parliament and the Planning and Infrastructure Commission of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure budget negotiations for the status of projects that are of great importance for Trabzon Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan asked.

Listing the questions in terms of items, Kaya said, “When your party is among the election promises, when the Trabzon South Ring Road, which has a story of about 20 years and will create a possibility to re-plan the future of Trabzon in addition to the long-term solution of transportation problems, when dusty will you take it off the shelves and take action to make it happen? ” asked.

Kaya, who also asked the railway, said: Doğu Trabzon-Erzincan project which will connect Trabzon Port and Eastern Black Sea to national railway system has turned into a play. When do you plan to implement this very important project?

When will Trabzon - Maçka and Akçaabat - Düzköy divided road works going on in Trabzon for many years?

The construction of Yalıncak – Çağlayan road, which also concerns your village Kavala, has been stopped for 2 years. When do you plan to complete this unfinished road?” used the phrases. – xnumxsaat

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