'Tour Of Mersin' Enthusiasts Will Camp in Mersin

tour of Mersin
tour of Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality by 4 successfully carried out for years, 'Tour Of Mersin beyond the boundaries of the reputation of Mersin, abroad has become a city preferred for cycling teams camping.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality on the way to make a sport in the steps of making sure that the Metropolitan Municipality, began to take the fruits of the sporting activities. Thanks to Tour Of Mersin, bicycle teams that know the city will come to Mersin in January and April.

This year will be between 25-28 April 2019 and UCI (International Cycling Federation) calendar 'Tour of Mersin' International Mersin Cycling tour from Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland to make cycling teams from countries such as Mersin will come.

Cycling teams will hold their first camp in January and their second camp in April. Athletes from countries such as Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland will perform training activities on the tracks created in Anamur Aydıncık Gülnar, Silifke, Tarsus and Çamlıyayla.

Thanks to the camp, the athletes who will recognize the historical and touristic places of Mersin will be able to participate in Tour Of Mersin and will represent their country after enjoying camping in Mersin. Teams coming to our city from abroad will return to their countries after they pedal their bikes in the competition.

Bike races, which have a great importance in the promotion of the city, will also contribute to sports tourism in Mersin.

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