One Year in Public Transport


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, the first day of his appointment to the capital, reform reforms in the form of reforms in the name of the decisions were revealed.

President Tuna, who frequently expressed the necessity of directing the citizens to the public transportation in the capital city, started to give the results of the decisions taken in this regard.


Ulaşım Citizens are particularly demanding in new lines, talep said President Tuna, who took one-on-one note of the transportation requests during his one-on-one meetings with citizens and visits to the weekly districts. We evaluate them, identify the points that are needed and open new lines to those points or.

Thanks to Eymir, Bala, Elmadağ, Polatlı and President Tuna who gave the new line heralds on different 28 separate points, the Capitalists started to enjoy the pleasant and modern travel in the city.


As a result of the inspections and inspections carried out in Ankara city center in terms of requests from the citizens and passenger density ratios, the number of voyages on various lines was increased.

The number of 900 voyages has been increased by EGO General Directorate. Metropolitan Municipality, who is waiting for public transportation vehicles all over the capital, also did not neglect the maintenance and repair of the modern bus stations. The Metropolitan Municipality, which also signed the 140 modern indoor stall assembly across all routes, will continue to work on this issue at the points needed.


Mayor of Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna encourages citizens to direct public transport, especially to Rail Systems.

While new projects have been signed for the use of public transportation vehicles as much as the works to ease the traffic of the capital, an increase in the number of passengers per day in the 70 thousand people is remarkable.

Günceleme: 08/11/2018 11:06

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