Vehicles Taken '' E '' Kocaeli '' is found with the application

the tools are available with the application
the tools are available with the application

Parking in the city, parking on the streets and boulevards, vehicles that are faulty, cause traffic hassle and various problems. Traffic police teams in the city center in the parking garage vehicles, tow truck is attracted to the car park. Due to the faulty car park by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Police teams, the citizens can find out which parking lot the vehicle is taken with the çekil E - Kocaeli ından application produced by the Data Processing Department. Photographs of the vehicles taken by the application show the parked parking and the car park.

Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a new application. In this context, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Zuma teams, the disabled parking lot across the province, stall place, sidewalk, pedestrian overpass and double-row park vehicles are detecting. Detected vehicles are taken by the police teams with detailed information about the mobile police. Traffic vehicles are taken into the parking lot by the traffic police teams. Currently the Mobile Police App is used by the 10 towing crew and two parking assistants.

Traffic by the police teams to enter the system photos and information entered into the car park, the car is drawn. Citizens of the vehicle, otopark E - Kocaeli ın mobile application in the menu and the as Interactive ın section of the menu under the as Police Interrogation Araç tab by entering the plate number, photos of the car parked in the wrong and can see the car park. After the plate inquiry, press the navigasyon Go ında button in the lower right part of the application to learn the location of the car park where the car was towed.

The ver E hizmet Kocaeli lar mobile app serves citizens free of charge. The application, which is developed and renewed every day by the Department of Data Processing, is known for free download on Google Play and App Store. In practice, municipalities, transportation, cultural arts, educational institutions, cinema, pharmacy pharmacy, ISU invoice inquiry, application to KOMEK Courses and interrogation of vehicles taken into service can be used in many different services.



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