TCDD Transportation to Teachers Percentage 50 Discount Gift

tcdd transports to trainers by 50 discount armagani
tcdd transports to trainers by 50 discount armagani

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan: inde 24-24 will be applied on 30 November Teachers' Day.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, said in a statement, the nation's future is the cornerstone of the gift to the teachers who want to give a gift and organized a campaign, he said.

Minister Turhan, in this context TCDD Transportation Inc. high-speed train with the mainline train tickets will apply a discount of 50 expressed.

Turkey, Turhan said that she walked resolutely to the goal 2023 years, the most important element needed by all institutions and organizations was pointed out that the quality of human resources.

Turhan, no matter how technology develops, human resources 21. Emphasizing that if it does not have the equipment required by the 20th century, it would not be possible to succeed,, In this sense, our teachers are the cornerstone of the construction of the future of our country. As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we wanted to give our teachers the gift of the crown and organized a campaign. Biz

Minister Turhan Kasım Application 24-30 is valid in November Bakan

24 50 24 discount train ticket application for teachers on November 30 24 XNUMX-XNUMX November teachers during the registration of the Day, said, X as the family of transportation XNUMX November Teachers Day is celebrating our hearts with our feelings. We express our gratitude and gratitude to our teachers. Ran

Turhan, teachers, Ministry of National Education or Ministry approved by the Ministry of public and private schools working in all degrees and types of teachers, teachers working in higher education institutions, the Turkish nationals and foreign teachers will cover working in the countries reported.

21 bin 250 teacher took advantage of the campaign to date

Teachers who want to take advantage of the campaign at the toll booths, the internet, 444 82 33 call centers or agencies can be provided by transferring Turhan, General Directorate of TCDD Transport 24-30 November Teachers Week campaigns so far about the 21 thousand 250 teacher's trip with the 50 discount ticket, he said.

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