TCDD 157 Employee Employee Purchase Announcement Published!

TCDD 157 Employee Personnel Procurement Notice Published
TCDD 157 Employee Personnel Procurement Notice Published

📩 12/11/2018 11:32

In order to meet the shortage of workers in TCDD, 157 announced that it will recruit personnel with vacancies in total. You can reach the details of the related announcement from the continuation of our news.

According to the announcement published by 10 November 2018 by the State Personnel Presidency, the staff in the State Railways (TCDD) stated that they would recruit personnel to eliminate the lack of personnel. In this context, the announcement is made by the head of state personnel application process and other details will be made by Turkey Business Council.


According to the published publication, TCDD has a total of 157 personnel in various Sabat branches and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Directorate will make purchases. On November 15 2018 This announcement will be published in Turkey Business Association ady they will start with the publication of the announcement of the application of TEO. In addition, the candidates will be given an oral exam in this respect and the candidates who pass the oral exam will be accepted to the position.


According to the announcement published by TCDD, 81 will take 1, Vehicle Maintenance Department to 47 as the Train Engineer. In the position of Electrician, 7 workers will be recruited in different provinces and 11 workers will be recruited to Marmaray Operation Directorate 10 and Vehicle Maintenance Department in different regions as 157 workers and crane operators as XNUMX workers.


The candidates will apply to the Republic of Turkey citizens, he did his military service or not to have anything to do with the military, which 2016 year by ÖSHM be taken points from the Public Personnel Selection Examination, Attractions safety investigation and to get positive results from archival research, the Applicants to posting Train Machinist "Train Machinist (Level 4 Class C (Class C, M, B11, B, C0035 and F class) for the applicants who will apply for the declaration of sınıf Vocational Qualification Certificate (4UY1-1) and Crane Operator (TCDD Tasimacilik AS, Mechanical Equipment Facility Device and Crane Operator)), conditions to be a driver.


Candidates who will apply will start their applications on November 15, 2018 with the announcement published on İŞKUR, and no later than 10 days, that is, until November 24, 2018 at the latest. must be made through the address. For more detailed information about the ad Click Here You can reach the full text of the advertisement.

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