Otosansit Tradesmen Thanks to Aktaş, the Intelligent Intersection


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited the Auto Co-operatives Small Industrial Site Building Cooperative (Otosansit) and listened to the problems of tradesmen. During the meeting, business owners thanked to President Aktaş for organizing the smart junction at Otosansit Junction.

President Aktaş first went to the cooperative management building on the industrial site, where he met with Otosansit Co-operative President Ahmet Kalfalımehmet and members of the board of directors. The site tradesmen, who transferred their problems to President Aktaş, asked for support in the solution of the problems.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, said in a statement, together with all of their colleagues in Bursa struggled to solve problems in the problems, he said. Noting that in the different parts of the city, Otosansit also carried out the activities of organizing the smart junction, President Aktaş said, te This little touch we made for the flow of traffic has caused serious relief in vehicle passage. We received messages of satisfaction from our tradesmen in this direction. Hopefully in the following days, we will eliminate the transportation difficulties in Bursa with more comprehensive studies. İn

Following the meeting with the representatives of tradesmen, Chairman Aktaş visited the industrial site with his retinue and examined the complaints of scrap vehicles, pavement and garbage on site.

Ahmet Kalfalımehmet, Head of Otosansit Cooperative, briefed President Aktaş about the capacity and activities of the settlement and gave a speech about the activities of the smart junction in Otosansit Junction. With the touches of hundreds of enterprises in the Otosansit traffic is severely relieved and the entrance to the cooperative campus expressing that the exit has become easier Kalfalımehmet, overcoming the pedestrian sidewalks on the campus with the issue of the problem of waste vehicles demanded to find a solution to the problem.

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