Saving 17,6 Billion Lira in Split Ways

savings of 176 billion pounds by bolunmus
savings of 176 billion pounds by bolunmus

📩 06/11/2018 10:59

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, thanks reaches 26 thousand 472 kilometers of divided highways in Turkey was 17 billion 650 million pounds reported that annual economic benefits.

Turhan, said in a statement, 2 thousand 742 kilometer-long motorway network in Turkey until 2023, he said that 4 thousand 509 kilometers of the planned removal.

General Directorate of Highways under the responsibility of 31 thousand 35 kilometers state road, 34 thousand 156 kilometers and 2 742 kilometers including motorways and 67 kilometers of motorways, including 933 kilometers of road network, which describes the road network of 39 367 24 994 kilometers of road network, 3 One thousand 572 kilometers of the bituminous hot mix coating, while the XNUMX thousand XNUMX kilometers of parquet, other coatings such as soil, he said.

Turhan stated that while only 2003 provinces were connected to each other with the existing 6 thousand 101 kilometers of divided road network before 6, 455 thousand 2003 kilometers of roads were made since 20, 371 kilometers this year.

Split road network in total 26 472 76 reach the kilometer of the province is connected to each other, voicing the Turhan, divided by the end of this year at the end of the year 26 thousand 834 kilometers said the target is to be reached.

Turhan stated that the aim is to increase the travel comfort of the road users by increasing the physical and geometric standards of the roads by improving the existing capacity shortages by dividing the existing capacity shortages by contributing to the economy with the savings obtained from vehicle operating expenses and reducing the travel time.

“As of October 2018, our citizens who traveled on divided roads with a total length of 26 thousand 472 kilometers saved approximately 296 billion 1 million liters of fuel with a time of 797 million hours a year. A total of 11 billion 60 million lira of economic benefits have been realized, including approximately 6 billion 590 million pounds of labor savings from travel time shortages and 17 billion 650 million pounds from fuel savings. ”

Minister Turhan, as well as the emission of the 3 million tons of emissions 294 thousand tons were seen to be reduced.

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