Why is Trambus not put into service in Şanlıurfa?

sanliurfada trambus line was not in service
sanliurfada trambus line was not in service

In order to facilitate transportation by the Metropolitan Municipality in Sanliurfa, Trambus, which has joined the public transportation system, has not been activated again.

21 was to be activated in November.

Not long ago, the Mayor of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Çiftçi announced that the 21 will be in full capacity in November.

Curiosity aroused.

Yesterday, the International Transportation Summit held in Sanliurfa announced that the service will be offered after Trambus opened to the transportation service aroused curiosity.

Project cost 60 million TL.

The first phase of the project, which consists of 60 with 4 million TL investment, was planned as a transportation to the museum area from the 7 bin 736 meter long public transportation center. 2. I'm in the center of my head to Karaköprü, 3. The public transport center from Eyyubiye State Hospital and 4. The stage of the Trambus project, which is planned as a rail network between Harran University and Osman Bey Campus, is 25 meters.

Will it benefit transport?

It was stated that the Trambus project would benefit Sanliurfa's traffic problem. It was learned that Trambüs had been removed from Ankara during 1981, from Istanbul in 1984 and from use in 1992 in XNUMX due to disruptions in traffic.

City planners find the project wrong.

Selim Açar, the President of the Şanlıurfa Chamber of City Planners, said in a statement that the project will be the suicide of Şanlıurfa traffic in 2017. Selim Açar said: yerine The project will create problems rather than relieve the city traffic. Sanliurfa traffic to relieve the metro or air rail system needs to be done. '' He had used statements.

The Ministry decided to refuse.

The Municipality of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality of Trambus, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was rejected from the rejection. The reason why the location of the substations built to obtain energy to the trambus line, which is an archaeological site in Haleplibahçe region, was shown to be inaccurate and the Ministry reported that unauthorized construction practices damaged the culture and historical texture of Şanlıurfa.

'' The transportation system of our Trambus era ''

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci told journalists in October that they were making a city tour with Trambus. The President stated in his statement that Trambus is the transportation system of our time, it is quiet, it is environmentally friendly and it provides transportation in a very high capacity. Farmer, as a fuel-saving system is a very diesel diesel 3'den 1'i, while gasoline 5'e 1'lerini reported.

Is the company taking the tender?

It was claimed that the Trambus project did not enter into service because of the economic problems of the company.

Traffic harasses citizens.

On the other hand, the most important problems of Sanliurfa traffic is coming. Citizens are rebelling in the traffic clogged at key points of the city. Particularly in the working hours, the citizens of the traffic is creating a tail of hundreds of meters of vehicles and the authorities want to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

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