SAMULAŞ Breaks Record with the number of passengers

samulas carry record record with number of passengers
samulas carry record record with number of passengers

In Samsun, on Friday, trams of SAMULAŞ and ring and terminal vehicles as well as express buses broke the record with the number of passengers they carried.

Trams providing light rail service in Samsun for approximately 9 years carried the record passenger since the day it was founded on 73 November Friday with the number of passengers of 717 bin 23. On the same day, 100 low-floor buses, express, ring and terminal lines reached a record number in public transportation.


The trams, which started to serve in 2010 with the 15,7 kilometer Gar-University Rail System line, reached to the Tekkeköy District with the 2016 Stage 1 Project Extension Project completed in 12,8. With the 2 station, the number of passengers on the 36 kilometer University-Tekkeköy line was over a thousand 28,5 per day. On Friday, the 65 bin 23 used light rail trams in Samsun. Thus, the first time the trolley has been carrying the daily record passenger.


In addition to the Light Rail System line, SAMULAŞ, which provides public transportation services by express, ring and terminal lines with 100 low floor buses, has reached an 2 record the same day. SAMULAŞ, 23 November 7 thousand 793 people, 2 thousand 694 people on the vehicle, 19 thousand 182 people with the public transport vehicles, 29 thousand 699 people moved to the total 103 thousand XNUMX people served. Thus SAMULAŞ, along with lines of 'Light Rail, Ring, Express and Terminal', served a daily record by serving a thousand people.

On the other hand, it was seen that private public buses also provided public transportation services to 37 thousand 500 citizens on the same day.


Zihni Şahin, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, “SAMULAŞ continues to be an exemplary company with its technology. With the technology used only in 12 provinces, SAMULAŞ service vehicles continue to provide high quality and comfortable transportation services to the Samsunites. The number of passengers in our public transport vehicles on Friday shows the satisfaction of our people at the service point. I congratulate the executives and employees of SAMULAŞ SAM

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