From the Retired Professor to the Havaray System on Sarıçay

retired professors from saricay ustune havaray system
retired professors from saricay ustune havaray system

Retired from the Geology Department of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMU) Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Doğan Perinçek, attracted attention with the project he proposed for the city on social media.

Who made a name with his share via social media Prof. Dr. Dogan Perincek, before the upcoming local elections, even the mayor of a project proposal to envy the candidate presented. Perinçek emphasized that a system to be built on Sarıçay would be a solution for urban transport.

Perinçek shared the images of the Havaray systems used in different countries and gave the following statements; I You want a solution ç Not a crazy, smart project, Sarıçay Havaray System. Two birds with one stone with the Havaray system to be installed on Sarıçay. Long-term solution, Let's create the core of the rail system that can be extended to the development areas of the city. Sarıçay View, rail system that cuts the entire city. It is possible to place a solar panel on the top of the system and get electricity.

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