Rail System and Street Tram Should Be on Sivas's Agenda

rail system and street trolley
rail system and street trolley

📩 15/11/2018 13:06

AK Party Sivas Mayor Candidate Candidate Mustafa Coşkun shared his views on the project to solve the problem of city transportation. AK Party Sivas Mayor Candidate Candidate Mustafa Coşkun eh The rail system and the street tram should be taken and applied to the agenda of our city.

The sample projects and costs were shared with Cumhuriyet University in previous years but they were shelved. As of the day I am Mayor, I will start working on the project of Rail and Street Tram.

The density of public transport and the parking problem of the vehicles in the city center have reached serious levels. The parking problem with the street trolley will be eliminated by itself. Cadde

Coşkun explained: döş Rails will be installed starting from the new High Speed ​​Train Station and the city center will be installed as the first stage. There is no need for an extra road as the street trolley does not need a dedicated road and the same way as the wheeled vehicles will use the street tram.

All our streets are satellite for the tram. Even the street tram, which is used in narrow streets, will make a great contribution to the prestige of our city and transportation will be more comfortable. Dar

We will put the first consultations about the production of Coşkun ilk Cadde Tramway, which points to Tüdemsaş for the production of the Street Tram, with Tüdemsaş. We are in favor of making Tudemsaş the production of the street tram.

Thus, Tudemsas will be activated for domestic production and our money will remain in our city. Selim Dursun, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, will demand the commissioning of the ministry and we expect all the deputies of our city to support us on this issue. Asında

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