Both State and Citizens Defrauded on Osmangazi Bridge

osmangazi koprusunde both state and citizens are circulated
osmangazi koprusunde both state and citizens are circulated

📩 14/11/2018 10:57

Osmangazi Bridge in the back of the complaints are not cut. Allegedly, "the system does not work," he does not enter into cash records taken. Thus, the quota of the state that the government is committed to is low. If you do not have a balance in Quick Pass System (HGS) or Automatic Pass System (OGS), you will pay öd after you pay'n. After passing through HGS, the balance is insufficient and a cash charge is taken.


According to the new Şafak quoted, because previously HGS systems are not working because they asked for cash money from the citizens of luxury car owners also attended the time. Using the bridge, these drivers, HGS balances are full despite the barriers are not opened, box office officials said they were allowed to pass the exchange in exchange for cash.


In the past, Osmangazi Bridge on the grounds of the system failure in the form of cash or credit card stating that the drivers, through social media, "HGS is asked to cash money from us," he criticized the application. Reaching the Osmangazi Bridge, Otoyol A.Ş. officials said that the system that detects everything, a hardware that would never allow human error. Officials from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications also shared information that drivers had a problem with bank provision.

After this crisis, only some luxury vehicle owners who have learned that they are charged for cash, Otoyol A.Ş. reaching the communication center expressed their discomfort. The drivers responded that the HGSs were not read when tolls were entered at a certain speed. However, only the luxury vehicles, kaf your balance is insufficient, ”called the demand for cash money created question marks.

It was claimed that the toll booths prevented the opening of the barrier even if the drivers were shot from the HGS devices and received cash and in return they did not issue a receipt and provided a fraud. Another claim is that the tolls paid by drivers who are not shot from HGS devices are not seen as bridges in the background. In this way, the private company operating the bridge, the driver received a toll on the bridge even though it did not pass the bridge, by reducing the number of vehicles undergoing the transfer of money from the government claimed.


Some drivers using the Osmangazi bridge claimed that when they wanted to pay cash on the grounds that HGS balances were insufficient, box office officials refused and punished their vehicles. In particular, only the luxury means of cash in the heads of the question marks created. On the bridge operated by Otoyol AŞ, cash payments are transferred directly to the account of the company and HGS payments are deposited to the account of the company after a while.

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