OSB-SATSO Double Road Route Changed for Sycamore Tree

double way guzergahi changed for tree
double way guzergahi changed for tree
  1. Between OSB and SATSO kazanThe project was revised for the 270-year-old plane tree located on the new double road route to be built. Chairman Toçoğlu said, “We act with an understanding of responsibility towards trees, greenery, environment and nature. We revised our project and protected the 270-year-old plane tree on the double road. Sensitivity towards the environment is a moral responsibility.

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu, D-100 Highway (SATSO) - 1. The new duplex road which was realized between the OIZ was examined on site. Assistant Secretary General Ayhan Kardan was accompanied by Haydar Akbulut, Head of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department. The Plane Tree, which was registered in 1997 and annually stated as 270, was taken under protection by the Bursa Conservation Council for Cultural and Natural Heritage. Toçoğlu announced that they revised the project in order to protect the century-old plane tree on the divided road route.

Double on the way to the end
Deputy Secretary General Ayhan Kardan conveyed the point reached about the project as follows: “We started our work to turn the 1-kilometer-long route into a double road. An artery used extensively in OIZ transportation. We completed the journeys between SATSO and OSB on the divided road, the width of which we increased to 40 meters, and opened it for use. Infrastructure work continues in the other lane. Immediately after, it completes its asphalt and all other requirements and goes to the area. kazanwe will go. At the same time, we revised our road project by taking the plane tree in the artery under protection.”

270 annual tree under protection
To the area kazanExpressing that the 270-year-old plane tree, which is protected as much as the double road, is just as important, Chairman Toçoğlu said, “We have always been aware of our environmental sensitivity, our responsibilities towards green and trees. Today, we have demonstrated our sensitivity towards trees, greenery, environment and nature on the 1 kilometer new double road we built between the 1st OIZ and SATSO. We shifted the axis of the road to avoid any damage to the 270-year-old plane tree on the route. Hopefully, the plane tree in the region will continue to live for centuries.”

40 meter width
Convenience to OIZ transportations with new double road kazanExpressing that they will continue their work, President Toçoğlu stated that they are nearing the end of the works and said, “Our city is expanding its double road network, we are building a new 1-meter-wide divided road between SATSO-40.OSB. Hopefully, we will complete the artery in a short time and put it at the service of our fellow citizens. Good luck,” he said.

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