OSB-SATSO Double Road Route Changed for Sycamore Tree

double way guzergahi changed for tree
double way guzergahi changed for tree
  1. The project was revised for the 270 annual plane tree located on the new double road route between OSB-SATSO. President Toçoğlu said, Başkan We act with an understanding that respects the tree, the green, the environment and nature. 270 annual plane tree found on the duplex road was revised by revising our project. Sensitivity to the environment is a moral responsibility. Çevre

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu, D-100 Highway (SATSO) - 1. The new duplex road which was realized between the OIZ was examined on site. Assistant Secretary General Ayhan Kardan was accompanied by Haydar Akbulut, Head of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department. The Plane Tree, which was registered in 1997 and annually stated as 270, was taken under protection by the Bursa Conservation Council for Cultural and Natural Heritage. Toçoğlu announced that they revised the project in order to protect the century-old plane tree on the divided road route.

Double on the way to the end
Deputy Secretary General Ayhan Kardan explained the project's point about the project as follows: elik We started our works to make a double road with a length of 1 kilometers. An artery commonly used in OSB transport. We have completed the journey between the SATSO-OSB in the split road which we extend to the 40 meter. Now the infrastructure works continue in the other lane. Immediately after completing the asphalt and all other requirements will bring the region. We also revised our road project by taking the sycamore tree in the artery under protection. Aynı

270 annual tree under protection
President Toçoğlu stated that the 270 annual sycamore tree, which was protected as much as the double road, was also important. Today is 1. In the new duplex road of 1 kilometers built between OSB and SATSO, we have shown our sensitivity towards the tree, green, environment and nature. In order to prevent any damage to the 270 annual plane tree on the route, we shifted the axis of the road. I hope the plane tree in the region will continue to live for centuries. İn

40 meter width
Mr. Toçoğlu stated that they will bring comfort to the transportation of OSB with the new double road and said that they are getting close to the end of the works and said rim Our city is expanding the double road network and we are building a new split road with 1 meter width between SATSO-40.OSB. Hopefully, we will complete the artery in a short period of time and present it to the service of our citizens. Good luck. Hayır

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