Oğuz Arda Sel's Students

oguz arda selin lovers
oguz arda selin lovers

Last summer, the relatives of Galatasaray lover Oğuz Arda Sel, who died in a train accident in Tekirdağ, presented a winter item to the students of the school they had previously created a library in the Kesan district of Edirne.

Mısra ÖZ, the mother of Oğuz Arda SEL, who died in a train accident in Tekirdağ, provided disguise-clothes for students of Keşan Türkmen Primary and Secondary School, as well as a book aid within the Oğuz Arda SEL library created by Marmara University UltraASLAN members.

Keşan District National Director İlhan Saz thanked to the visitors for their sensitive behavior and presented Mısra Sel with a plaque.

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