New York and Shanghai Model of Istanbul's New Metro Suggested Most Advanced Digital Infrastructure System

new york and sangay model to the new metro of istanbul
new york and sangay model to the new metro of istanbul

Turkey's largest transportation event in 2018 TRANSISTOR, future-oriented projects has created excitement. OTIS, which is twice the size of its closest rival in the industry, announced that it could establish the world's most advanced digital infrastructure system in New York and Shanghai.

The, TRANSIST Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair dönük, which was organized under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, took place with extensive participation, effective solution proposals and presentations. OTIS, the world leader in its sector, announced that it was ready to contribute to Istanbul transportation system, especially new metro projects with the latest technologies at the fair it participated for the first time.

OTIS Turkey General Manager of the Free Area, "TRANSISTOR 2018, brands on an international scale, professional, mayors and investors has created a powerful synergy bringing people together. As OTIS, we are delighted to be a part of TRANSIST 4, whose topics are put on the table under the heading tan 2018C UM (Cost, Capacity, Congestion, Connect). I Ozgur Aren said, kadar We have taken responsibility in Istanbul metro network until today. We have a very successful cooperation with the public authority. After that, we are ready to bring the world's most advanced technology, OTIS ONE, in the new metro projects to be developed. Bundan

Ozgur Aren continued: en We have developed a solution called OTIS ONE for the failures that are still being experienced in subways and the citizens complaining from time to time. We are currently using in New York and Shanghai. When OTIS begin to implement this technology in Turkey, these problems will be reduced to a minimum. We are willing to establish the infrastructure for it in Turkey. The goal of the Istanbul subway is to keep the systems available at the rate of 98-99. We know that this system of OTIS excites those planning the Istanbul Metro. We, as OTIS, can lead the way. Biz


OTIS Elevator Co. Paschal F. Lennon, Global Projects Director, explained the details of the leşik OTIS ONE F. system in the session titled Transfer The Essential Transport for the Integrated Transport Network and Urban Mobility: Transfer Center Küresel. Lennon's Rector of Istanbul Technical University Dr. In the session chaired by Mehmet Karaca, his presentation was watched with great interest.

Explaining how OTIS works, the innovations it brings, and where OTIS is going in this digital age and in the future, Lennon briefly said: Systems including escalators and elevators are seen as mechanical systems. In fact, they are part of an electronic system, communicating with each other. They have a life story. Error numbers, performances, frequencies… Therefore, if the manufacturer can read them correctly, the service or company can provide appropriate service. Thus, the system is set up correctly. Instead, the complaints start when you just dust it. Our goal is to really see the big picture. Signature Service is a service model we have developed recently… Data we have collected for nearly 30 years and kazanWe have created such a concept based on our experience. We implemented the remote elevator monitoring system in 1985 under the name of 'REM – Remote Elevator Monitoring'. This is an incredible journey for us. Now, at the end of this whole process, smart products work with a platform called OTIS ONE, where data is uploaded. It's revolutionary. OTIS ONE is our internet of things platform… We can use the collected data very effectively and intervene immediately. We have the opportunity to anticipate before there is a problem in the elevator or escalator. In other words, it enables us to develop a project-specific maintenance package for preventive measures. Thus, the system does not malfunction or we can be ready for anything when it does.”

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