Dutch Railway Company (NS) to Pay Compensation to Jewish Families

netherlands railway company will pay compensation to families of Jews
netherlands railway company will pay compensation to families of Jews

The Dutch national railway company announced on Tuesday that it will pay compensation to relatives of Jews who were deported to Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

The statement followed talks between Rogervan Boxtel, president of the railroad company Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), and Salo Muller, who lost his family during the war.

Muller has been campaigning for compensation from NS for Jews who have moved to the Westerbork camp in the northeast of the Netherlands since 2017. Jews sent to the Westerborktransit camp were then sent to the Auschwitz extermination camp in Poland.

Earned money by deporting people

Therefore, the Nederlandse Spoorwegen railway company decided to set up a commission to determine how Spoorwegen can make individual compensation payments for moral reasons.

According to the national television channel NOS, like many other Dutch companies, in NS, it continued to serve Nazi invaders after Germany's invasion in 1940, and moved Jewish families to Westerbork to make millions of euros. The railway company gave the trains to the Germans and charged them for it.

Dark period

Some of the 140.000 Jews living in the Netherlands were sent to Westerbork before being sent to death camps such as Auschwitz, Sobibor and Bergen-Belsen.

Anne Frank, a Jewish teenager known for her diary, was taken to Westerbork in early August 1944 after she was arrested by the Gestapo.

The company officially apologized for his actions during World War II in 2005. However, he has not paid any compensation until now.

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