Mustafa Kalaycı asked the status of Konya Metro

mustafa kalayci konya asked the status of the subway
mustafa kalayci konya asked the status of the subway

MHP Konya deputy Mustafa Kalayci, the promise of the promises of the Konya metro to serve the city, in terms of urban transportation is of great importance, stating the status of this project.

MHP Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı spoke at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee at the negotiations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and related budgets.

“Konya metro is important in terms of urban transportation”

MHP Konya deputy Mustafa Kalayci, the TCA reports and final accounts should be discussed in a separate commission, he said. Kalaycı pointed out the importance of fast, safe, widespread and costly implementation of transportation systems and pointed out that the share of railway transportation remained low on freight and passenger.

Turkey's railway network density, Kalaycı emphasizing that it is below the European average, raising their standards should be voiced on the other hand railways. Tinsmith, "Turkey's logistics and transportation center to be developed logistics and transportation infrastructure should be provided." said.

Kalaycı underlined that the country with small scale, inefficient and scattered port infrastructure needs large-scale port investments and emphasized that the ports should be transformed into logistics centers that make combined transportation.

Kalaycı stated that the promise of the Konya subway to be put into service was of great importance in terms of urban transportation and asked the situation of this project.

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