Transportation Camera Surveillance in Muğla


📩 06/11/2018 10:08

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Unit, 4315 vehicle tracking throughout the province. As a result of the follow-up of the management unit, vehicle tracking systems and camera recordings, 5 bin 253 has detected the rule violations on different issues so far and initiated administrative procedures to resolve the violations.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Unit, which was implemented in Muğla Metropolitan Municipality by means of live and retrospective camera records in order to monitor public transportation vehicles, student service vehicles and official service vehicles belonging to metropolitan municipality and to examine the demands coming from citizens, makes tracking of 2015 vehicle.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Unit, which monitors 1521 public transportation vehicles via on-line camera and tracking system, 2 bin 094 student service vehicles and 700 municipal vehicles throughout the province, intervenes immediately in case of violations during the use of the vehicle. contacting safety units to start the process.


Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, stating that Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Unit follows 7 / 24 vehicles for citizens to travel more reliably. Kamera On-line camera systems, 1521 thousand 2 units, 094 thousand 700 students and XNUMX We follow the vehicle continuously through the tracking devices. We send a warning message to the screen in front of our drivers who violate the rules in many respects such as speed violations, smoking in the car, smoking during the voyage on the phone, blocking the right to travel of the citizens who have the right to travel for free. . In the event that the warned driver repeats his mistake, work is started for the implementation of administrative criminal proceedings ”.


Stating that they care about the complaints of the citizens and the necessary investigations have been started in a short time, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality announced that 2017 has responded to 126 thousand 837 requests from January to this day by e-mail, petition and call center. Priority is always the trust and peace of the citizens emphasized in the statement, “Muğla Metropolitan Municipality as our aim to make our citizens peaceful and safe journey throughout the province and children's parents who leave their children behind the eyes of our vehicles we follow 7 / 24. We know very well that the error is unacceptable in public transport. Therefore, since the 2015 thousand 5 thousand 253 separate violation of the administrative penalties were applied to our drivers. A violation report has been issued on issues such as the use of 382 dangerous vehicles, telephone calls during 74 cruising and not receiving passengers waiting at 641 stops. ”

“VEHICLE Drivers are regularly trained every year HER

In the written statement of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, it was emphasized that regular trainings were given to vehicle drivers who use public transportation in order to prevent violations and to provide a reliable and sustainable public transport service. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, the following views were included in the description;

“As Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, our main aim is to provide transportation services in our city with human-oriented and environment-sensitive and to provide quality, exemplary and reliable service with its modern management and duty approach. Within this framework, we continue our trainings on “Passenger Driver Relations”, f Anger and Stress Management ”, and“ Passenger Satisfaction yönelik for drivers. In the following days, our drivers will receive foreign language education. ”

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