Global Logistics Sector 12. Once met at 'Logitrans'

The logistic sector 12 once found in the logitri
The logistic sector 12 once found in the logitri

20 136-14 16 from the country with the participation of companies in the fair held on November between the dates of the network was offered. Turkey's place in intermodal transport in the sessions will be held for three days and will be invested in the digitization table

EKO Fair Organization and Messe München Partnership 'logitrans Transport Logistics Fair' organized by EKOMMI Fuarcılık this year is the decision of the logistics and supply chain sectors of Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. EKO MMI Fairs Management Director İlker Altun, MesseMünchen Board Member GerhardGerritzen, Germany Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Undersecretary SteffenBilger and International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD) President Emre Eldener's fair, this year 12 is home to more than a thousand 14 visitors with 16 from the country.

'Logitrans'ın, Eurasian region logistics solutions that connect with a bridge that indicates that EKO MMI Fairs Managing Director Ilker Altun, layan Our fair is opening every year with an increasing interest. Taking part in logitrans, which includes a wide range of products and services in the entire value chain of logistics, telematics and transportation, has become a sine qua non for the companies in the logistics sector. in the 2017 65 billion euros turnover gerçekleştirdi.türki sector to the international supply chain and an important base in Asia, central Europe to North Africa with a market yeri.türkiye's largest, and the world continues to logitransgelişim, the third largest logistics fair. Every year, Turkish and international market leaders offer innovative logistic solutions at logitrans. Our fair offers the opportunity to evaluate the latest market developments and new business opportunities of this dynamic region, while also serving as a platform for international cooperation and projects. Fuar

Contributes to the region's logistics policies

Speaking at the opening, MesseMünchen Board Member Gerhard Gerritzen stressed that the logistics sector is an industry where reliable relationships are important and people are doing business with each other on a personal level. Gerritzen said that specialization fairs, which are platforms that will enable the stakeholders to recognize the market, are important. clearly demonstrated. to provide the needs of individuals and companies. Especially in metropolises like Istanbul, logistics plays a multi-dimensional role. This role; eller Production, handling and storage in one of the geographically most interesting places of the world geç said Istanbul Airport, which was recently opened, with new bridges and underwater tunnels; daily 1,5 billion dollars over the passage of Sino-European trade, intercontinental meeting point of Istanbul voicing more to the fore Gerritzen "Turkey Generation and is doing its share in the Path initiative, has launched a very important investment. An example of this is the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway. The world's largest 4. logitrans economy is reflected in the accumulation of logistics in Germany, not only in Istanbul and Turkey, the region offers to contribute to the logistics policy for the future. This exhibition is a good example of how international partners can work together to create, discuss, and turn ideas into reality. Bu

The effects of digitalization on the sector were discussed

Exhibitors and visitors to three of opportunity to meet with existing customers throughout the day sunarkeny new labor agreements for ground also preparing logitrans'tatürkiye'n as well as China, Germany, France, Italy, England, Austria, Russia, Finland, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Greece, Finland, Sweden, World-renowned brands of the transportation and logistics industry from countries such as Norway are featured with their products and services. logitrans also Turkey's place in intermodaltaşımacılık in the session will last for three days, it will first need to determine the industry, they bring digitalisation Mani sector in the region, opportunities and addressing alınıyor.b year for the first time launched by the most important trendleruzm those in the industry with training "truck & trailer Turkey" pavilion, logitrans' It was implemented as a special episode of. Under the title of "railcargo Turkey", which is special for freight transportation by rail, important players of the new Silk Road line welcome visitors in the section specially reserved for them.

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