Tunnel Excavations at Köseköy Junction


D-100 is the tunnel crossing intersection in Köseköy, the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli. The excavation of the tunnel section of the ongoing junction was completed with a percentage of 90. When the intersection which carries the Istanbul-Ankara vehicle traffic is completed, it will ease the traffic in the region. The intersection made in the form of a batt-out will form a unity in the district of Kartepe divided by the D-100. With the disappearance of the lights, the car will be prevented.

While the middle foot column of the bridge was under construction, the road body concrete and bored pile header beams were completed. Beam assemblies will be started after excavation works. Bridge beams were transported to the project area around 80. Asphalt works are also carried out at the 500 meter section of the south of the bridge. As part of the project, stone wall works continue in the northern channel. Closed parts are concrete works.

Köseköy Junction will eliminate the traffic load caused by heavy vehicles entering and leaving the TEM highway. Together with the intersection, vehicles will ensure the transit of traffic by transit. The side roads at the crossroads will be connected to Sabancı Junction. The side roads will have three lanes with turn strips. Inside the tunnel, 2 is the 2 ribbon.

Within the scope of the project 110 meters closed tunnel (branch-out) 500 meters are made open. The project main road is a thousand 300 meters. In the project 2 thousand 600 meters are made in the north-south side roads. Within the scope of the project, 1 pedestrian bridge will be constructed. In the intersection study 35 bin hot asphalt, 11 thousand square meters of parquet, 10 bin 500 meters will also be used in the border.

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