Konya Metropolitan 24 Clock Against Snow and Ice

turquoise snow and icing against 24
turquoise snow and icing against 24

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, in the city center and districts to prevent the negative impact on the daily life of the citizens due to snowfall and ice, 24 hour salting, solution and snow curing is working. Metropolitan, winter work in the center and districts 1. 900 staff and 400 vehicles.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, during the winter months in Konya due to snowing and icing in the daily life of the citizens are not adversely affected by the 24 hour.

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that they have strengthened their team and vehicle fleets for the preparation of the winter and that they are in full responsibility for snow and ice in areas of responsibility throughout Konya.


Under the preparations in the center of Konya in the city's 25 different points of the team against snow and ice recording Altay said, ın Our Office of the Department of Science at the 25 point in the center of the Emergency Response Team is ready. Again 6 thousand tons of salt and a thousand tons of de-icing solution ready. Our staff keeps our roads open during the snowing day by working day and night in the city, especially in the main arteries, intercity routes, education, health institutions and other important roads Personel.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, in addition to the city center, will continue to work in coordination with the Konya Governorship, Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate and district municipalities, as well as the headmen in the 31 district of Konya. We are in the service of our citizens with our staff and equipment in our region. In the event of any snowfall during heavy snowfall, our village 28 turned into a neighborhood. In this context, the snow knife by attaching the snow knife to make the first intervention by the municipality will be paid by the tractors of the tractor. 7 in the center and districts in winter work. 45 staff and 1 tools to provide services X he said.

President Altay, the teams of the Department of Parks and Gardens in the main arteries, city squares, parks, hospitals, schools and mosques, such as public facilities, pedestrian overpass and underpasses and walkways will do snow cleaning and salting work said.


In the event of heavy snowfall, Altay said, talep Citizens can contact us by calling our Emergency Call Center and ask for help at any time by calling the Emergency Call Center at 444 55 42. The demands of our citizens will be recorded and made an immediate return. However, sometimes there are false denunciations. Citizens who need help can also experience victimization. On this issue, our citizens, this issue will show a little more sensitivity, r he said.

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