No Increase in Transportation in Kayseri

no hike to kayseride
no hike to kayseride

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kayseri, Turkey announced that the most appropriate prices with bread and water consumption and use of public transportation at the most affordable prices. President Steel, however, bread, water and transportation will not increase the announced.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik made important statements on three subjects of high concern to everyone living in Kayseri. President Steel said that prices and quality in Kayseri are the best in our country by comparing public transportation prices with bread and water prices to other provinces. However, they have announced that they have decided not to raise prices for all three issues.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Steel, reminiscent of the decision of the KASKİ General Assembly to raise water fees until May of the year and the decision to reduce the water prices of people with disabilities at the rate of% 2019 Steel, bread and public transportation fees, also made important statements. The Mayor stated that they offer the best quality bread with Kent Ekmek founded by the Metropolitan Municipality at the most reasonable price. Uk We give 50 grape bread to 200 kuruş in Kent Ekmek. At present there is only Adana in our 60 grams bread, which gives us 200 penny. Other cities sell at more prices. As long as there is nothing extraordinary, we will not raise bread in the short term. Olağanüstü

President Mustafa Celik also stated the difference in public transportation in Kayseri. Amak We support private public buses per passenger transported in order not to raise bus tickets. According to the figures for the first 10 month of the year, we have earned 10 million TL from public transportation in 99,7 months. We paid 132 million TL for public buses. 10 is worth more than 32 million in a month. When we split this money into 60 million 668 thousand passengers, we support 53 cents per passenger. At the moment the price of 2,5 lira should have been at least 310-320 penny. Therefore, rail and bus also comes in Kayseri one of the most suitable cities in Turkey. There are three main services where the people are directly addressed. Public transport, water and bread. Three in Kayseri also far below the average in Turkey. We offer the best quality water, the best quality bread and we are doing the best quality transportation En.


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