Asphalt Works in Kayseri

kayseride asphalt works continue unabated
kayseride asphalt works continue unabated

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalt works in the city center and districts without slowing down. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kocasinan Mayor Ahmet Colakbayrakdar 30 August Boulevard followed the asphalt works.

While the Metropolitan Municipality opens new boulevards on one hand, it continues to renew the streets in the city center and districts. One of the streets where renovation works was carried out was 30 August Avenue. Mayor Mustafa Çelik followed the work on the boulevard. Mayor Çelik went to 30 August Avenue with the Mayor of Kocasinan Ahmet Çolakbayrakdar and watched asphalt works.

Stating that the asphalt at Kocasinan Boulevard is nearing 20 and was damaged by the infrastructure works made occasionally, Mayor Çelik said, N This boulevard had to be renewed. We are renovating the 2 bin 400 meter boulevard using the 6 bin 500 tone asphalt. X

The district headman also thanked President Mustafa Celik for his work and noted that the residents were satisfied with the municipal investments.

Kocasinan Mayor Ahmet Colakbayrakdar 30 August Boulevard is not only the people living in Kayseri, but the whole of Kayseri, said that the transportation route. Çolakbayrakdar emphasized that the Metropolitan Municipality continued its investments in every district and thanked Mayor Çelik.

Metropolitan Mayor Steel also emphasized the harmony between municipalities and said, “We are doing these services with the abundance that this harmony brings. Büyük President Steel, an important warning in the yapıl We do not do this to speed roads. Please follow the traffic rules. Lütfen

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