Karaosmanoğlu: "We Can Never Compromise The Quality of Public Transport Service"

We can never compromise on the quality of karaosmanoglu mass transportation service
We can never compromise on the quality of karaosmanoglu mass transportation service

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Kocaeli Minibus and Busman Room President Mustafa Kurt and members were hosted in his office. President Karaosmanoğlu stated in the interview that they do not tolerate weakness and mishap in the public transportation point which is one of the most important services given to the citizen. We have to give the best service to our citizens by eliminating our shortcomings in this issue. Bu

Since the 2004, President Karaosmanoğlu emphasized that we have turned into a more cheerful, much more energetic, much more active, global city. we continue. Kocaeli is a young, dynamic and high energy city with all its areas. Kocaeli is a city that has been gradually folding its population due to its being both a university city and its growing attraction. At this point, the Metropolitan Municipality has the duty of cooperatives and us without giving us the opportunity to make the smallest inconvenience in public transportation. Kocaeli has undergone significant changes in public transportation. Rail systems have started and sailed to new projects. Therefore, the satisfaction of our people is essential for us Bu.

Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who stated that they produce solutions in Kocaeli with the more comfortable, more comfortable and more economical means of transportation, said: de We rejuvenate the buses used in domestic lines and we rapidly increase our service quality. Today, we serve our people with environmentally friendly, air-conditioned, library and buses suitable for disabled people. We put Akçaray into service. Now we're adding him to the new line. On the other hand, we started Gebze OSB -Darıca Coast line which is the first leg of Kocaeli Metro. It is very important to have the support and support of our related rooms and cooperatives. We respond to the demands of our people together. Our ears and eyes are always in our citizens Ulaşım.

The world's traffic problems that there are in all big cities, the President Karaosmanoğlu Kocaeli, indicating that it is one of the largest cities in Turkey, "başkentiyiz Industry. It is unthinkable that there is no traffic problem in Istanbul - Anatolia, Anatolia and Istanbul. Where there are hundreds of thousands of people and vehicle movements per day, there will be problems. However, as Metropolitan, we are determined to solve all these problems and to unite our 2023 and 2071 targets. All of our projects; The investments we have realized are for the comfortable and comfortable transportation of our citizens. We equip Kocaeli with bridges, tunnels, squares, boulevards, smart systems. Within the framework of 2023 Transportation Masterplan Decisions, we do not slow down transportation investments. With the new roads built by our government, huge projects and the suspension bridges that the world has envied, the central city identity of Kocaeli is strengthened. High Speed ​​Train Line shows the bright future of Kocaeli. In short, as both the metropolitan and the government, service and investment mobilization continues to Kocaeli. Kıs

. Service is our job, “said Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, as follows: Büyük Municipality is our business. Making our nation's life easier is our business. It is our job to make way, to open roads and to win hearts. The view from the tram was nice, what a good service. We have a transport system carrying passengers over a thousand times a day. Everyone from 41 to 7 is pleased. The satisfaction of our people also pleases us. We have a subway project next. We laid the foundation of Kocaeli subway Allah's leave Turkey with the Turkish Grand National Assembly President Binali Yildirim. In Kocaeli, we completed the 70 of our promises. After that, we will try to complete the remaining 91 tranche X.

Mayor Karaosmanoğlu also emphasized that they support transportation to our student brothers who are trying to execute their lives. We aimed to benefit our city economically and socially by increasing public transport utilization rates. At this point, we will also try to evaluate the academic accumulation in public transport activities in order to make the technological innovations used in public transportation services sustainable and create an economic and efficient business model. To increase the quality of public transport services by taking surveys and suggestions of young people, we will develop new projects on this issue. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are doing our best to ensure that our people receive a high quality service in public transportation, and we strive to avoid the slightest negativity. Our cooperatives also have duties to them. We want these people to continue living in the most beautiful way by checking them. Yaşam

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