Kağıthane Municipality Dekovil Line Construction Work Tender Result

kagithane municipality
kagithane municipality

Nostalgic, solar complete decovil construction work in Eyüp Sultan Street in Kağıthane district

Kagithane Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, 2018/558005 KIK numbered 13.236.305,6 TL with an approximate cost of 3 TL in Kağıthane district Merkez Mahallesi Eyüp Sultan street 8.850.000,00 companies bid for the nostalgic, solar powered complete decovil construction work and Metroray with a bid of XNUMX TL. Construction Electromechanical Industry and Trade Inc. kazanIs Her.

The tender covers 3 km nostalgic, solar powered complete decouvile works. The duration of the work is 90 (ninety) calendar days from the place delivery.

The companies that bid for the tender and their offers are as follows;

1-Metroray Construction Electromechanical Industry and Trade Co. 8.850.000.00 TL
2-Umak Eng + Development Eng. Business Partner 9.488.000.00 TL
3-Yusuf Ziya Kandemir Eng.

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