System to End Insufficient Balance Warning in Istanbulkart Introduced

istanbulkartta insufficient remittance warning system was recognized
istanbulkartta insufficient remittance warning system was recognized

The President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mevlüt Uysal, introduced the Mobile Istanbul Card Application to prevent time loss and top-up queues in public transportation. Stating that the domestic and national practice is one of the best examples of contemporary municipalities, Uysal said, ğin Istanbulites deserve the most beautiful of all. Citizens will no longer face the 'insufficient balance' announcement in public transport. Vat

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal introduced İBB İstanbulkart Mobile Application to the press. IMM Saraçhane building took place in the publicity ceremony held by IMM Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı, deputy secretary general and executives of IMM subsidiary BELBİM A.Ş.

Thanks to the Mobile Istanbul Card Application, which will prevent the loss of time and queue loading in public transportation, debit card or credit card can be loaded from the mobile applications of the banks to Istanbulkart. One 5 card can be defined separately from Istanbul and can be downloaded from anywhere. With the application, a monthly blue card (subscription) can be installed in Istanbulkart. The students of the university students in another city, their mobile application will be able to make the installation by introducing the child's Istanbulkart.

Informing the members of the press about the Mobile Istanbul card Application, Mevlüt Uysal, President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality said that they are proud of introducing a unique, local and national mobile application. He said that Mobile Istanbul Card Application is one of the most beautiful examples of contemporary municipalities and smart city applications.

In Istanbul, Mevlüt Uysal said that all transportation fees were paid via İstanbulkart with the only ticket system. He said that he owns the Istanbulkart million 16 million in Istanbul and the movement of 3,5 billion pounds annually.


Uysal said that the foundation of Istanbulkart was based on the establishment of the Akbil system after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan became mayor in 1994 and said: Ak Today, we have downloaded and automated the installation with the Mobile Application which is the balance loading system to Istanbulkart. Mobil Istanbulkart Application, which is completely domestic and national, is not a risk because it is a closed circuit system that is special to individuals. Tamamen

Uysal reminded that a serious time loss and queues will be prevented during the card loading., Now the 16 million Istanbulkat users and 3,5 million students in Istanbul will be able to make automatic loading to Istanbulkart with electronic banking without waiting in the queue, without considering overtime. In addition, our students will not wait for the money from the country when the money is finished. Hopefully, Istanbulites will no longer face insufficient remuneration in public transport vehicles. İn


Uysal stated that, for the Istanbulkart Mobile Application, Vakıfbank, Denizbank, Halkbank, Ziraat Bank, Yapi Kredi Bank, Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank, Vakif Participation Bank, Akbank, Şekerbank and Is Bank; It said it would be included in the system this week. Uysal said that he anticipated that all the banks would be included in this system in the future and continued as follows;


Mobile Application can be loaded into Istanbulkart'a 100 pounds at once, 3 once loading 300 pounds can be loaded describing Uysal, said:

Iz I hope that this mobile application will provide a great convenience to the people of Istanbul. Istanbulites deserve the best of everything. We also have a single card and automatic mobile application system which is rarely seen in transportation payment in the world. This is an example in the world. As IMM, we will continue to practice in the world. We would like to thank BELBİM AŞ. They continue to develop domestic and national software. After a while, we will be able to use the phone as Istanbulkart. Other applications of our municipality will be able to pay by phone. Hopefully, IMM will continue with the first applications in the world. İn

After his speech, the President of IBB, Mevlüt Uysal, showed how the mobile Istanbul card team worked with BELBİM AŞ General Manager Ahmet AK.


Thanks to the mobile application, money can be loaded to Istanbulkart from smartphones, balance control, etc. Transactions can be made. Applications will be downloaded to Android and iOS devices.

Istanbulkart Mobile Application, via the card number on the card will introduce a one time. Android users; debit (debit card) or credit card installation instructions, the card holding the card behind the phone with NFC technology will be able to transfer instantly to Istanbulkart.

Ios users; they will be able to perform the installation instructions by touching (top up) cards from the ticket points or from the loading points in the smart stops. At the 461 point of the smart stall (top up), the Biletmatik is at the 980 spot.
In addition, payment orders from Istanbul ATMs will be available. Currently, payment orders can be given from all sea bank ATMs. It will be available from Vakıfbank in 1 week.

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